January 25, 2007 – Tokyo, Japan

In late 2006 Mochizuki started calling out wrestlers from across the Japanese indy scene to come to Dragon Gate for a show he was organizing. The show would be made up largely of Dragon Gate VS. Outsider matches. They came from across the landscape, from hardcore promotions and lucha promotions. It was sure to be a diverse show. Mochizuki opened things up by thanking the fans for coming to his show.

Masato Yoshino, Naruki Doi & Gamma VS. Super Shenlong, Turboman & Daichi Kakimoto
Turboman and Yoshino start. Turboman hits a head scissors takedown to the floor. Shenlong and Gamma tag into the match. Shenlong hits a leg kick. He blocks a cane shot and gets takedown. He hits an energy shot. Kakimoto hits Doi with a shoulder tackle. Doi goes to the eyes. Gamma tags in and attacks Doi, thinking he’s Kakimoto. See, they look kind of similar. He gives Doi the Sweet Angel’s Kiss. Yoshino clears things up. Gamma gives Kakimoto a purple nurple. All of the Muscle Outlaw’z and their evil referee, who happens to be the referee for this match, dropkick Kakimoto. Gamma gives Kakimoto the Osuikougeki. Doi comes off the top with a senton for 2. Kakimoto comes back with a vertical suplex. Shenlong hits Doi and Gamma with a hurricanrana. Turboman hits Yoshino with a head scissors takedown. Shenlong dives out after Doi and Gamma and Turboman does the same to Yoshino. Doi hits Shenlong with a dropkick to the face. Yoshino dropkicks Kakimoto and hits a senton on Shenlong. Doi hits a spinebuster on Kakimoto for 2. Kakimoto comes back with a gutwrench suplex. He hits a German suplex for 2. Kakimoto and Doi try to convince Gamma who the real Doi is so Gamma hits them both with a clothesline. Yoshino hits Shenlong with a sleeper slam. Doi hits a superbomb for 2. He hits the Doi 555 Bakatare Sliding Kick for 2 when Kakimoto makes the save. Gamma canes Yoshino by mistake. Turboman hits Yoshino with a hurricanrana for 2. Gamma hits the Gamma Special for 2. The Outlaw’z hit a double Doomsday Device for 2. Yoshino hits the Lightning Spiral for the win at 9:36 shown of 15:10. The stuff between Doi and Kakimoto was cute, the rest was interesting offense in front of an indifferent crowd.
Rating: **¼

Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi VS. Makoto Oishi & Shiori Asahi
Saito and Horiguchi were not getting along here in an angle that would lead to the end of Do Fixer. Oishi and Asahi attack from behind to start. Horiguchi hits Asahi with a hiptoss. Asahi hits a low blow with his head. Oishi tags in and sends Horiguchi to the floor. His BSDM valet whips Horiguchi. Back in the ring Oishi shoves Horiguchi into a boot from Asahi. Asahi hits a back elbow. He puts on an octopus stretch. Saito makes the save. Horiguchi hits a hurricanrana. Saito hits an overhead suplex. Horiguchi dives onto Asahi and some of his entourage on the floor. Oishi gouges Saito’s eyes. Saito comes back with a dropkick. Oishi gets a roll up for 2. Saito hits the Fisherman Express for 2. Horiguchi hits a springboard missile dropkick. He hits a swinging DDT and Saito hits a splash for 2. Oishi and his friends gang up on Horiguchi in the corner. Asahi hits a double stop and Oishi hits a moonsault for 2. Asahi kicks his head for 2. He and Horiguchi trade backslides. Saito falls onto Horiguchi by mistake. They shove each other until their opponents get involved. Saito comes back with a German suplex on Oishi for 2. He hits a clothesline. He hits a dragon suplex for 2 when Asahi hits the referee with a skateboard. The referee disqualifies the K-DOJO team at 6:52 shown of 8:33. This was almost impossible to follow. The finish seems silly. After the match K-DOJO’s evil Omega team beats on Horiguchi as Saito walks to the back.
Rating: **

Donshoku Dino VS. Akira Tozawa
Dino is flanked by Muscle Sakai. He kisses m.c.KZ on his way to the ring. He powers Tozawa to the ropes and goes for a kiss. Tozawa puts on a wristlock. Dino counters the hold and makes Tozawa grab his crotch. Tozawa gets to the ropes. Dino hits a back elbow. He rubs up against Tozawa, paying special attention to his chest, butt and groin. He puts on the Donshoku Claw and really wrenches it in. Tozawa powers out and does a little dance. Dino puts the Claw back on. Tozawa uses his crotch to hurt Dino’s wrist, but in the end Dino gets a roll up for 2. He puts Tozawa’s hands in his trunks and hits a chokeslam. He does the Donshoku Nightmare for 2. He goes for a sunset flip so Tozawa takes off his pants and does the Donshoku Nightmare right back. He does not put his pants back on for the rest of the match. He hits a diving headbutt to the crotch for 2. He hits a bodyslam and climbs the ropes. He misses a diving headbutt. Dino hits a crotch thrust. He hits the Sodomizer and goes for the Donshoku Driver. Tozawa blocks it and hits an enziguiri. Tozawa tries to sodomize Dino so Taku Iwasa and Sakai try to block the camera. Dino comes right back with some sodomy of his own. This is ridiculous. Tozawa’s sell of the anal invasion is really creepy. Tozawa hits a stunner. Dino hits the Tombstone Danshoku Driver for 2. So, so gross. He pulls down his trunks and a thong, revealing ANOTHER thong. He hits the Donshoku Driver (so now we know his penis was against the back of Tozawa’s head) for the win at 7:16 shown of 9:26. Easily the gayest match I’ve ever seen. Just to drive it home after the match Dino gives Tozawa CPR and mouth to mouth. Tozawa pulls him on top and they make out. Iwasa and Sakai discuss the situation as Dino and Tozawa do their thing on the mat. Iwasa and Sakai cry as Tozawa and Dino continue kissing all the way to the back.
Rating: Not really sure how to be a wrestling fan anymore.

Don Fujii & Yamato Onodera VS. Onryo & Tetsuhiro Kuroda
Yamato was still using his last name, so this must have been before he came to the states. Fujii and Onryo start. They lock up and a ton of dust flies out of Onryo’s hair. Kuroda tags in and both he and Fujii get tripped. They fight to the floor and trade strikes around the building. Kuroda goes for a long-range running clothesline on Fujii but hits Onryo. The same thing happens with Fujii and Onodera. They would repeat this spot over a year later on PPV. Onodera hits Onryo with armdrags in the ring. Kuroda rams Fujii’s leg against the post. A mad old lady in the front row helps him. Kuroda clotheslines Onryo by mistake. Fujii tags in and cleans house. He grabs a wristlock and chops Kuroda around the ring. He hits a legsweep for 2. They fight up top where Kuroda hangs Fujii over the top rope. Kuroda hits a low blow and a clothesline for 2. Onryo hits a forearm on Onodera. He hits a hurricanrana. He hits a tiger driver for 2. YAMATO hits him with a big stick. Fujii hits a clothesline. He hits a chokeslam. He clotheslines Kuroda off the apron to the floor. Onodera hits Onryo with a spear for 2. He hits the DVD for 2 when Onryo grabs the referee’s hand. He slaps Onodera with the referee’s hand and rolls him up for the win at 8:26 shown of 13:15. Not much interesting going on here. The good stuff between Fujii and Kuroda can be seen in their tag match from Gate of Generation with better supporting action from Mochizuki and Masato Tanaka.
Rating: *½

Magnitude Kishiwada & Daisuke Sekimoto VS. Mammoth Sasaki & Kintaro Kanemura [Hardcore Match]
I haven’t seen a Kanemura match in forever but I still love his pre-match shuffle. Sasaki is dressed just like Kanemura. Everyone brawls to start. Sasaki and Sekimoto trade chops in the ring. Sekimoto dropkicks the knee. Kanemura hits Kishiwada with a hurricanrana. Kishiwada comes back with a powerslam. Kanemura low bridges him to the floor. He follows his opponents out with an Asai moonsault. Sasaki hits Sekimoto with a chair. He rams his face against the wall. In the ring Kishiwada and Kanemura have a chair fight. They each take a shot to the head. Kanemura bleeds. Kishiwada hits an avalanche. He hits a standing moonsault for 2. He and Sekimoto hit a double shoulder tackle. Sekimoto hits an elbowdrop. They make a chair pile. Sekimoto slams Kanemura off the top rope onto the pile for 2. Kishiwada tags in and hits a fisherman buster on the pile. He hits a brainbuster on the pile. Sekimoto rams Kanemura into a chair in the corner. He hits the DVD on the pile for 2. Kanemura hits a DDT on a chair. Sasaki tags in and hits bodyslams on both opponents. He hits them both with a vertical suplex. He drapes a chair around Sekimoto’s neck and hits it with another chair. They fight up top where Sekimoto hits a superplex. He hits a powerbomb for 1. Sasaki returns the favor for 1. Sekimoto hits a German suplex. Sasaki hits a lariat. Kanemura and Kishiwada tag into the match. Kanemura hits a bodyslam and a Lionsault for 2. He hits a bodyslam and a senton off the top for 2. He hits a powerbomb for 2. He puts on the STF but Sekimoto makes the save with a German suplex. Kanemura comes back with an overhead suplex. Kishiwada hits him with the same. Sasaki hits him with a German suplex. Kanemura hits Sekimoto with a leg lariat. Kishiwada assists Sekimoto in hitting a powerbomb. They both hit splashes off the top for 2. Kishiwada hits Kanemura with a German suplex. Sekimoto rolls Kanemura into another for 2 when Sasaki makes the save. Kishiwada hits Kanemura with a lariat for 2. He hits the Last Ride for 2 when Sasaki makes the save. Kanemura hits Sekimoto with a German suplex. Sekimoto hits a lariat. Kanemura gets a backslide for the win at the win at 10:41 shown of 14:20. After all the chair shots and back breaking moves a backslide was a rather underwhelming finish. Kishiwada must think so too because he destroys Kanemura with a barbed wire bat and a chair after the match.
Rating: **¾

CIMA, BxB Hulk & Matt Sydal VS. TAKA Michinoku, Dick Togo & Men’s Teioh
This Kaientai match was my main motivation for reviewing this show. Michinoku and Hulk start. Michinoku goes to the eyes. Twice. Hulk hits an armdrag. He hits a dropkick and Michinoku bails. CIMA hits Togo with an armdrag. Togo returns the favor. CIMA hits a low blow. He puts pressure on the crotch. He flips Togo over and continues to pulverize the groin. Hulk tags in and they hit a double dropkick for 2. Togo puts on a wristlock and tags to Michinoku. Michinoku misses a kneedrop. Sydal tags in and hits a clothesline in the corner. CIMA tags in and with Hulk hits a double back elbow. He hits the Superdrol and holds Michinoku for a standing moonsault from Sydal. That gets 2. Teioh tags in and all three hit elbowdrops. They drape Hulk in the corner and do some trademark Kaientai stuff to him. Teioh hits a very delayed vertical suplex. He holds Hulk for a dropkick from Togo. They do a Kaientai pose on Hulk. Togo hits a superkick for 2. Teioh hits a big boot. He catapults Hulk into a clothesline from Togo. Michinoku comes off the top with a kneedrop. Togo hits a slingshot senton. Michinoku chops him in the corner and pokes his eyes. He hits a knee kick. Hulk dodges a charge and tags to CIMA. CIMA hits a double stomp. He suplexes Teioh while holding Michinoku in a leglock. Sydal rolls Togo up for 2. He hits an enziguiri. He hits a hurricanrana off the second rope. He hits a dropkick and follows Togo to the floor with a moonsault off the top. CIMA hits Michinoku with the Superdrol. Michinoku puts on the STF but CIMA quickly gets to the ropes. They trade kicks. Michinoku puts on a crossface but Hulk makes the save. Hulk hits the Mouse and a clothesline. He Mouses off Teioh onto Michinoku for 2. Teioh hits a clothesline. Hulk hits a dropkick. Teioh hits a full nelson slam. The KDX members put their opponents in submission holds until CIMA escapes and saves his partners. Togo and TAKA help Teioh hit a powerbomb on Hulk for 2. Hulk rolls Togo up for 2. Togo hits a lariat for 2. He hits the Pedigree and climbs the ropes. CIMA catches him with the Venus. He hits the Iconoclasm and Sydal hits a standing moonsault for 2. CIMA hits Michinoku with the Perfect Driver for 2. He hits a superkick. Hulk hits the EVO and Sydal hits the shooting star press for 2 when Teioh makes the save. Michinoku kicks Hulk’s face. He punches his face for 2. He hits a side slam for 2. Togo hits a German suplex. Teioh hits a backdrop driver for 2. Michinoku dives onto CIMA on the floor. Teioh hits the Miracle Ecstasy Bomb and Togo hits a senton for the win at 13:39 shown of 20:45. The Dragon Gate team got less offense in than I’d have liked to have seen but it was fun to watch the KDX machine do its thing.
Rating: ***¼

Masaaki Mochizuki & Minoru VS. Minoru Fujita & Ikuto Hidaka
Minoru was the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion. Fujita is looking battle worn. He and Mochizuki start. They trade strikes. They both go for dropkicks. Hidaka and Minoru tag into the match. Hidaka hits a dropkick. Fujita tags in and they trade forearms. MINORU BATTLE! Minoru hits a handspring into a low blow. Mochizuki tags in and kicks Fujita’s back. He hits a bodyslam and puts on a half crab. Minoru comes in and they hit a kick sandwich. Mochizuki kicks Fujita off the apron. He brings Fujita back into the ring with a vertical suplex for 2. Hidaka hits a cheap shot but ends up getting hit by Fujita by mistake. Fujita hits a drop toehold and Hidaka hits a dropkick. Hidaka tags in and kicks off Minoru to hit a DDT on Mochizuki. He and Fujita sandwich Mochizuki’s head with kicks. Fujita targets the back of Mochizuki’s head with kicks. They fight to the floor where Mochizuki kicks the post by mistake. In the ring Hidaka gets kicked around. He comes back with a dropkick to the knee. He puts on a figure 4 leglock. Minoru breaks it up with a kneedrop. Mochizuki hits a knee kick to the face. Minoru tags in and dropkicks both opponents. He puts Hidaka in a heel hook. Hidaka gets to the ropes. Fujita hits a dropkick. Hidaka hits a springboard dropkick to the knee. Minoru dodges another but gets caught with a backslide for 2. Hidaka gets a roll up for 2. Minoru kicks his head. He hits a capture suplex. He kicks Hidaka’s head again for 2. He puts on a cross armbreaker but Hidaka gets to the ropes. Minoru hits a dropkick but Hidaka comes back with a leg lariat. Fujita tags in and misses a missile dropkick. Mochizuki tags in and hits a missile dropkick. Fujita hits a stunner to the knee. He hits an enziguiri and a second rope hurricanrana for 2. He dropkicks Minoru off the apron. Hidaka hits a neckbreaker and Fujita hits a splash for 2. They hit an elevated inverted DDT. Hidaka hits a swinging DDT for 2. They hit a double leg lariat on Minoru. Hidaka hits the Misty Flip. Fujita hits the Fujita Driver II for 2. He and Hidaka both lock in submissions. Legal man Mochizuki gets to the ropes. Fujita rolls through a hurricanrana to pin Mochizuki for 2. He hits a Tombstone Piledriver. He climbs the ropes but a splash hits knees. Mochizuki hits the Sankakugeri. He hits the Twister for 2. Fujita hits an implant DDT and a dragon suplex for 2. Minoru kicks his face and Mochizuki hits a dragon suplex for 2. Minoru puts Hidaka in the Minoru Special. Mochizuki hits Fujita with the Saikyou High Kick for the win at 17:11 shown of 22:41. Hidaka would come back for revenge at Buyuden 5. Minoru wasn’t as involved as this as I’d have liked. Still the Z1 team came to play, and though this was almost too chaotic to follow at points it was a lot of fun the whole way through. This match led to Mochizuki’s ZERO1-MAX run.
Rating: ***½

At the end of the show everyone comes back out to the ring. Dino and Tozawa come out together, in towels and holding hands. What a crazy show.

Buyuden 2 took place a year later, over the course of an afternoon and evening card on February 10, 2008. Unfortunately the whole day’s worth of wrestling was eaten up by Dragon Gate’s Tsunshin show, a thirty minute digest that supplemented Infinity and never had enough time to show anything in full.

The show starts with Mochizuki talking about the tag tournament, pitting inexperienced Dragon Gate wrestlers against outsiders, while the upcoming Dramatic Dream Gate show was being advertised.

They show a video package of the first round of the Buyuden Tag Tournament. Super Shenlong & m.c.KZ defeated Mineo Fujita & Battender. Super Shisa & Shisa BOY fell to Masa Takanashi & Yukihiro Abe. Fujita Jr. Hayato & Munenori Sawa beat Akira Tozawa & Kouji Shishido. Lastly, YAMATO & Shinobu put down GENTARO & Yusaku Obata.

Outside of the tournament a more substantial amount of the match between Don Fujii & Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Hoshitango & Muscle Sakai is shown. Fujii gets the win with a roll up. In the main event of the day show Masaaki Mochizuki, TAKA Michinoku & Sanshiro Takagi defeated Shingo Takagi, BxB Hulk & Daichi Kakimoto. I wish more of the main event had been shown.

Next up are clips from the semifinals on the evening show. Shenlong & KZ defeat Takanashi & Abe. YAMATO & Shinobu fall to Hayato & Sawa. Kind of a strange coincidence that even in the semifinals and finals it is always a Dragon Gate team against an outsider team.

In non-tournament action Kenichiro Arai defeats GOEMON. K-Ness and Mochizuki both find fat partners in Yutaka Yoshie and Yuki Ono, respectively. Yoshie pins Ono, sparking the fat man saga that was to follow. Takagi, Hulk & Cyber Kong defeat Magnitude Kishiwada, Daisuke Sekimoto & Kintaro Kanemura in a nasty brawl, kicking off the New Hazard’s feud with that group of outsiders.

In the tournament finals Sawa & Hayato defeat Shenlong & KZ. They would use the tournament win to campaign for shots at Mochizuki’s ZERO1-MAX Jr. Championship. Hayato made the first move, attacking Mochizuki during the trophy presentation at the end of the night. Mochizuki defeated Hayato and Buyuden 3, only to be immediately attacked by Sawa to set up the title match at Buyuden 4.

Because of the amount of time between the first two Buyuden shows there isn’t much continuity. Part of what I love about Buyuden now is the strength of the continuity from show to show. It’s made me very interested in the fat man saga and the New Hazard vs. Kishiwada/Sekimoto feud. Still, things had to start somewhere. Buyuden 1 had some really interesting, old style music too.