December 21, 2008 – Kobe, Japan

Cyber Kong {RH} vs. Naoki Tanisaki {W1} [Mask vs. Hair Match]
Cyber Kongcito distracts Tanisaki, allowing Kong to clothesline him to the floor. Kong powerbombs Tanisaki hard on a table and it doesn’t break. He press slams Tanisaki onto the top rope. Tanisaki hits a miracle bodyslam onto a chair pile. He hits a double stomp to the back. He hits a DDT. He hits Kongcito with the blue box. He hits Kong with it as well. Kong clotheslines Tanisaki to the apron. Tanisaki hits a kneelift. Kong hits a back suplex. Tanisaki comes back with a superplex for 2. Kong hits a lariat in the corner. He hits a running back suplex. He hits a powerbomb for 2. He hits the Cyber Driver but Tanisaki gets his foot in the ropes. Tanisaki blocks the Cyber Bomb. Kongcito accidentally clotheslines Kong, distracting him long enough for Tanisaki to hit a DDT. Kong blocks the Casanova but not a back heel kick. That gets 2. Kong gets a sunset flip for 2. Kongcito trips Tanisaki but then hits Kong with a silver box by mistake. Tanisaki takes advantage and rolls Kong up for the win at 5:25 shown of 15:57.

Kong protests and says that it was Kongcito’s fault that he lost the match, so Kongcito gets to lose his mask. Kong hits him with a lariat and YAMATO takes off the mask. It’s Yuki Ono!!! And judging by Real Hazard’s actions he’s out of the group. Tanisaki still wants Kong’s mask, so the match is restarted. Just to be sure everything is kosher, CIMA will be the special referee. YAMATO protests but this is happening!

Tanisaki hits a dropkick. Kong hits a lariat. Tanisaki hits a hurricanrana. He hits the DH and three Casanovas for 2. Kong clubs him around. Tanisaki clubs him right back. An awesome series of reversals leads to Tanisaki putting on an octopus stretch. YAMATO sneaks in and takes out CIMA. Real Hazard attacks Tanisaki. Tanisaki avoids the Pineapple Bomber and gets a backslide for 2. Kong returns the favor for 2. He hits the Pineapple Bomber for 2. He hits a rack bomb but Tanisaki pops up. He hits the Pineapple Bomber but Tanisaki pops up again. He slaps on a sleeper hold and that’s all she wrote for Tanisaki’s hair at 3:24 shown of 4:14. Kong shaves a big enough chunk out of Tanisaki’s hair that there’s no salvaging it. After Real Hazard leaves Tanisaki finishes the job himself. This was the kind of dramatic gaga you learn to love from Dragon Gate. Kong is an amazing monster, Tanisaki channels babyface Genki Horiguchi at his best when he’s the underdog, and the way the two came together was great. It also got rid of Ono from Dragon Gate once and for all, so you can’t complain about that.
Rating: ***½