October 30, 2009 – Barcelona, Spain

Championship Rundown:
Open the Dream Gate Champion: Naruki Doi
Open the Twin Gate Champions: Shingo Takagi & YAMATO
Open the Triangle Gate Champions: Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii & Akebono
Open the Brave Gate Champion: Naoki Tanisaki

An incredibly long video package starts the show.

Genki Horiguchi {RH} & Ryo Saito {RH} vs. Ronin Rider & Zack Sabre Jr.
This is the only match featuring Dragon Gate wrestlers that was cut from the Open the Global Gate DVD, so I’m going to guess before it starts that it blows. Sabre and Horiguchi start. Horiguchi stalls forever. He and Sabre trade holds on the mat. Saito tags in and works the neck. Rider tags in and puts on a chinlock. He hits a shoulder tackle. He gets a roll up for 2. Sabre goes after Horiguchi’s arm. Saito hits a back elbow. Horiguchi beats on Rider on the floor. In the ring Sabre hits Saito with a suplex for 2. He puts on a dragon sleeper. Horiguchi makes the save. He puts on a seated abdominal stretch. Saito hits a double stomp. He hits a bodyslam for 2. Horiguchi puts on a half crab. Rider gets to the ropes. Horiguchi hits a vertical suplex. Saito chokes Rider with his whip. He puts on a camel clutch and Horiguchi hits a dropkick to the face. Rider dropkicks both opponents. Horiguchi dropkicks Saito by mistake. Sabre hits a suicide dive. Rider hits a butterfly suplex for 2. He does a stupid takedown into a cross armbreaker. Sabre puts the same on Horiguchi. Horiguchi escapes and whips Sabre into the post. He suplexes Rider and Saito hits the Superfly Splash for 2. Saito hits a low blow and the Double Cross for the win at 13:04. I wouldn’t say it was offensively bad, but it wasn’t interesting in any way. If I were DGUSA I wouldn’t promote a DVD around this match.
Rating: **

Kazkanuezez vs. Lee Flynn
Kazkanuezez is really hard to type. He plays to the crowd to start. They lock up and Kazkanuezez hits a clothesline and a back bodydrop. They fight over the crowd’s attention. Kazkanuezez puts on a headlock. Flynn goes to the eyes. He works the arm. He hits a brainbuster for 2. Kazkanuezez hits a DDT for 2. Flynn hits an avalanche. He hits a bodyslam for 2. Kazkanuezez gets a sunset flip for 2. He gets a school boy for 2. Flynn hits a lariat. He hits an ugly legdrop for 2. He hits a kneedrop for 2. Kazkanuezez hits a hurricanrana for 2. Flynn goes to the eyes. Kazkanuezez hits a back suplex. He misses a big splash. Flynn hits a fisherman buster. He pulls from his tights a Barcelona flag (I think this has something to do with soccer), wipes his bum with it and drapes it over Kazkanuezez. He hits a cool senton for the win at 11:33. There was no need for this to go more than five minutes. Both guys looked lazy and sloppy, which took me right out of it. At least the finishing move was cool.
Rating: ½*

Colin McKay vs. Noam Dar
I had a feeling after reading his name that Dar was going to have some sort of Israeli/Jewish gimmick, and that’s confirmed when he comes out wearing an Israeli flag. He says in Hebrew “I have no idea what you’re saying,” before saying a prayer. The crowd hates that. McKay, who is Scottish but looks every bit like the skinhead thug from any movie, has the crowd’s total support. That’s somewhat unnerving. Dar hits a knee kick to start. He stiffs the crap out of McKay. He hits a vertical suplex for 2. He ducks a crossbody. He hits a back elbow. He hits a back kick for 2. McKay comes back with boots to the face. Dar hits a hanging DDT for 2. He hits a European uppercut. McKay hits a powerslam. He hits a pair of back elbows. Dar fights him off with knees. McKay hits a back bodydrop. Dar gets a roll up for 2. McKay hits a delayed vertical suplex for 2. He catches a crossbody and hits a side slam for 2. Dar hits a clothesline for 2. McKay hits mounted punches in the corner. Dar slams him down and pins him with his feet on the ropes for the win at 8:13. I’m pretty sure these two have worked together a few times before, as they looked quite familiar with each other. This was definitely a big step up from the last match, but nothing to get excited about.
Rating: **½

Shingo {K} & Dragon Kid {K} vs. Nick Jackson {W5} & Matt Jackson {W5}
Matt and Kid start. Matt goes after the leg but Kid gets to the ropes. A fun sequence on the mat goes nowhere. Kid hits an armdrag and a head scissors takedown. Shingo hits Nick with a shoulder tackle. Nick hits a hurricanrana. He and Matt work Shingo’s arm, Masato Yoshino style. Isn’t there an unwritten rule in wrestling that you don’t use moves of those higher up in the card than you? I would think so, especially when you represent a rival stable. Kid hits Matt with a sick elevated double stomp for 2. He hits two kneedrops. Shingo hits a kneedrop. Shingo swings Kid into Matt. Nick puts Kid in a modified abdominal stretch. He and Matt hit a double dropkick for 2. Nick hits a senton. Matt hits a snap suplex for 2. Nick hits a leg lariat for 2. He hits a legdrop for 2. He hits a knee kick for 2. Kid comes back with a hurricanrana. Shingo cleans house. He hits the Complete DDT. He hits Matt with a Mongolian chop. He hits a gutbuster and a DDT. He misses a senton. Matt hits an inverted Blockbuster for 2. Shingo hits a powerslam for 2. He puts on the Manriki. Kid puts Nick in the Christo. Nick hits a backbreaker to escape. Kid hits a stunner. Nick hits another backbreaker for 2. He hits the X-Factor for 2. Matt blocks the STAY DREAM but can’t stop Kid’s stack hurricanrana. Shingo hits a lariat and the Pumping Bomber. He clears the ring with lariats. The Bucks nail a cool sequence that leads into More Bang for Your Buck on Kid, but Shingo makes the save. Nick superkicks Matt by mistake. Shingo hits MADE IN JAPAN for 2. Kid hits Matt with the 619 and the Bermuda Triangle. Shingo hits Nick with the STAY DREAM for the win at 13:45. That turned into quite the awesome spotfest. I’ve learned to never expect a lot out of the Bucks, but there’s certainly a pattern of them working up to the level of their opponents. Since DragonHawk is a rather awesome team, this ruled.
Rating: ***½

El Generico vs. Mandrill vs. PAC {W1} vs. Sean South [Elimination Match]
South looks a bit like Erick Stevens and his gear is Sonic & Knuckles themed. He and Mandrill trade holds to start. Mandrill goes to the ropes. He hits an armdrag and a dropkick. PAC and Generico tag in to show them how it’s done. PAC hits a hurricanrana. South works Generico’s arm. PAC hits Mandrill with a dropkick for 2. Generico slugs PAC. PAC hits a dropkick. He hits a standing SSP for 2. Generico hits a backbreaker for 2. South hits an elbow to keep PAC from gaining any momentum. PAC catches Generico with an awesome handspring DDT. South hits a German suplex. He hits Mandrill with a facebuster. He sends PAC to the floor and hits Generico with an implant DDT for 2. Generico hits the Michinoku Driver for 2. Mandrill hits PAC with a back suplex and an Arabian press for 2. PAC hits a head kick and a northern lights suplex for 2. Generico hits Mandrill with a big boot. South hits Generico with a lariat. PAC hits Mandrill with the standing British Airways to eliminate him. He slams Generico. He hits a moonsault for 2. Generico hits the Blue Thunder Bomb for 2. PAC hits an enziguiri. He takes too long playing to the crowd and Generico is able to block a shooting star press with his knees. He eliminates PAC with the brainbuster. South attacks Generico from behind. Generico slams South off the top rope. He misses a big kick and South hits an enziguiri. South hits the Ace Crusher for 2. Generico hits a big boot for 2. South hits a thrust kick. Generico hits a big boot. South hits another thrust kick. He hits the Implant for the win at 16:00. PAC carried this on his back and did a hell of a job at it. Generico and South had a decent enough thing going down the stretch, though the finish came out of nowhere. Also South should eliminate the thrust kick from his repertoire. It just doesn’t look good. Generico and South make nice after the match.
Rating: ***

Mike Quackenbush {CH} vs. Paul Tracey
In the interest of full disclosure I’m going to say up front that I’m not wild about these two. As usual, Quackenbush treats the opening chain wrestling sequence like a joke and extends it far passed the point of good taste. Tracey smacks Quackenbush. Quackenbush hits a lariat and an armdrag. He hits a kneedrop for 2. He smacks Tracey to the floor. Back in the ring he hits an elbow after acting like a child. Tracey suplexes him. He hits a low blow. He hits a back elbow. He hits a vertical suplex for 2. He hits a dropkick. He chokes Quackenbush with his wrist tape. He puts on a chinlock. It lasts a while. He hits a pair of armdrags and a dropkick. He misses a moonsault. Quackenbush hits a clothesline. He hits sumo palm strikes for reasons beyond my comprehension. He hits a bulldog. He hits a back bodydrop. He hits the BTS for 2. He rolls through a slam and gets a roll up for 2. Tracey blocks a Quackendriver and hits a superkick for 2. He hits an ugly flying elbowdrop for 2. He gets a sunset flip for 2. They trade roll ups until Quackenbush blocks a DDT and rolls Tracey up for the win at 15:41. Quackenbush actually left the goofiness in the first five minutes of the match, but as with most of his matches this never got out of first gear. He seems content to coast on fluidity at the expense of engaging action.
Rating: **½

Naruki Doi {W1}, Masato Yoshino {W1} & BxB Hulk {W1} vs. CIMA {W5}, Susumu Yokosuka {W5} & KAGETORA {W5}
Doi and KAGETORA start. They struggle for control until KAGETORA puts on a hammerlock. Yokosuka hits Yoshino with a backbreaker. CIMA hits Hulk with a chest kick. Hulk hits a dropkick. He puts on a chinlock. He hits KAGETORA with a back heel kick. Yoshino hits a back elbow for 2. He puts on the Mark Nulty Special. Doi puts on a figure 4 leglock. Yoshino hits Yokosuka with a stunner. He and Doi hit a double back elbow. Hulk hits a senton for 2. Yokosuka hits a back elbow. KAGETORA hits a dropkick for 2. He hits another to the back of the head. CIMA hits the Sodomy Dropkick on Hulk. He gets a roll up for 2. Yoshino works CIMA’s arm. KAGETORA puts him in a surfboard stretch. Hulk hits Yokosuka with a dropkick for 2. CIMA hits a double stomp. KAGETORA hits an elbowdrop. He hits a snap suplex for 2. He puts on a chinlock. CIMA hits another double stomp. He hits the Original Superdrol for 2. He hits an elevated double stomp for 2. Hulk comes back with kicks. He hits the uranage on KAGETORA. Yoshino puts Yokosuka in the Coumori and Doi hits a dropkick. They hit CIMA with an elevated facebuster. KAGETORA dropkicks Yoshino midair. He hits a leaping lariat. He hits the enziguiri for 2. Yoshino puts on From Jungle. Yokosuka makes the save. Hulk hits a dropkick for 2. He hits an enziguiri. Yokosuka hits a lariat. He hits the Jumbo no Kachi for 2. CIMA hits a huge double stomp for 2. The WARRIORS gang up on Hulk in the corner. CIMA hits the Venus and Iconoclasm. KAGETORA hits a flying elbowdrop for 2. Doi hits CIMA with an elbow. Hulk hits a leg lariat for 2. Yoshino hits the shotgun senton. CIMA hits a superkick. KAGETORA hits the Hangetsu. Yoshino hits the Torbellino. Doi hits the Bakatare Sliding Kick for the win at 20:42. I’m told everyone was quite sick during this tour. That showed more in this match than any other. Everyone worked hard to be sure, but the pace was kept very slow. That was probably wise, since there were two more shows that weekend and going all out while suffering from flu probably isn’t a good long-term strategy. All it means is you shouldn’t look to this match if you want to see a typically awe-inspiring Dragon Gate six-man tag import. This was still quite good, but they only cranked it up in the last couple of minutes.
Rating: ***½