For those of you wondering what those little tags are next to a wrestler’s name in my reviews, here’s the key. It relates to the faction they are aligned with at the time of the match. I’m sure 99% of you figured that out on your own, but for the rest of you I figured there’s no reason to be confused. A lot of these factions are defunct, but you never know when Dragon Gate might throw out an old match. Active factions are in bold.

{A} Akatsuki
{AI} Aagan Iisou
{CM} Crazy Max
{BG} Blood Generation
{BW} Blood Warriors
{DD} Deep Drunkers
{DF} Do Fixer
{FB} Florida Brothers
{FM} Final M2K
{HG} Hagure Gundam
{IC} Italian Connection
{J} The Jimmyz
{J3} Junction Three
{K} Kamikaze
{LS} Los Salseros
{M2K} M2K
{MB} Mad Blankey
{MG} MadoGiwa (Windows)

{MM} Mini Max
{MO} Muscle Outlaw’z
{NH} New Hazard
{PH} Pos.Hearts
{RH} Real Hazard
{RB} Royal Brothers
{SB} Sailor Boys
{SM} Shin M2K
{T} Typhoon
{TJ} Tozawajuku
{WFL} Waku Waku Fujii Land
{W1} World-1 (International)
{Z} Zetsurins/Veteran Army

DGUSA & Non Dragon Gate Affiliations
{AJ} All Japan Pro Wrestling
{AP} Apache Pro
{APW} All Pro Wrestling
{AAA} Asistencia Asesoría y Administración
{BA} BattlArts
{BJ} Big Japan Wrestling
{C} The Colony
{CMLL} Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
{CH} Chikara
{CTU} Counter Terrorism Unit
{DA} Dark Agents
{DEP} Daiwa Entertainment Pro-Wrestling
{DPA} DP Associates
{DUF} Dirty Ugly F*cks
{F} Freedoms
{GC} The Gentleman’s Club
{GK} Garoga Knights
{GN} Generation Next
{I} Incoherence
{IW} International Wrestling Revolution Group
{JWP} Japan Women Project
{KD} Kaientai DOJO
{KDX} Kaientai Deluxe
{KO} Kensuke Office/Diamond Ring
{MP} Michinoku Pro
{N} Pro Wrestling NOAH
{NJ} New Japan Pro Wrestling
{O} The Osirian Portal
{OP} Osaka Pro
{R} Ronin
{ROH} Ring of Honor
{SPWF} Social Pro Wrestling Federation
{TF} Team FIST
{TG} TOKYO Gurentai
{TR} The Resilience
{VM} The VooDoo Murders
{Z1} Zero-One