November 13, 2007 – Tokyo, Japan

Stalker Ichikawa vs. Takao Omori
Ichikawa chops Omori to start. Omori returns the favor. Ichikawa hits the Kancho. He asks the referee to help him Irish whip Omori. Omori forces the referee to help him hit a double clothesline. He shoves Ichikawa into the referee. Ichikawa walks the ropes successfully but doesn’t actually attack Omori. He puts his mask on Omori and has the crowd help him encourage the big man to walk the ropes. Omori does it but his balance isn’t what Ichikawa’s is. The referee shoves Ichikawa and Omori falls. Ichikawa hits an “Ax Bomber.” Omori returns the favor for the win at 4:05. This was fun for what it was. And I guess a fun gift for Omori’s anniversary?
Rating: *

Masaaki Mochizuki & Don Fujii vs. Dick Togo & Ikuto Hidaka
Mochizuki and Hidaka start. Hidaka hits a dropkick. Mochizuki hits a back kick. Fujii hits Togo with the sumo palm strikes. He hits a shoulder tackle. Hidaka works Mochizuki’s arm. Mochizuki fights back with kicks. He hits the primordial Ikkakugeri. He hits the apron kick and a vertical suplex for 2. He kicks Fujii by mistake. Hidaka hits a swinging DDT. Togo cleans house with lariats. He hits the Complete DDT. Mochizuki hits a big boot. He blocks the Pedigree but Togo gets a sunset flip for 2. Togo puts on the crossface. Fujii makes the save. Togo blocks the Sankakugeri with a dropkick. Fujii tackles Hidaka into the corner. He hits a lariat to the back. Hidaka fires back with chest kicks for 2. He hits a thrust kick. He hits a backbreaker and an inverted DDT for 2. Mochizuki hits a chest kick. Fujii hits a chokeslam for 2. Mochizuki kicks Fujii by mistake. He accidentally hits his sumo friend with the Sankakugeri. Togo hits a lariat for 2. Mochizuki hits Hidaka with the SicK Kick. Togo and Hidaka return fire with a double thrust kick. Togo hits the Pedigree. He hits the diving senton for 2. He counters Fujii’s chokeslam to a hurricanrana. Fujii cleans house with lariats. Hidaka and Togo put on the Shawn Capture and crossface, respectively. Fujii fights out of the crossface and saves Mochizuki. Hidaka hits a dropkick on Fujii. Togo hits a suicide dive. Hidaka rolls Mochizuki up for 2. Mochizuki hits the Illusion and gets a small package for 2. I thought that was it. Mochizuki counters the Iguchi Bomb to a hurricanrana for the win at 12:47 shown of 15:42. This was a really fun little sprint. I liked the dynamic between Fujii and Togo quite a bit. They augmented the Mochizuki vs. Hidaka feud very well. Mochizuki used the win as leverage to get a match with Hidaka for his junior title in January.
Rating: ***½