iwrgMarch 17, 2013 – Naucalpan, Mexico

Tomahawk, Black Terry & Apolo Estrada Jr vs. Chico Che, Golden Magic & Veneno [2/3 Falls Match]
Veneno is a healer? Tomahawk and Magic start. Tomahawk hits a chop in the corner. Magic returns the favor, and I cringe as Tomahawk sells Magic as a chopping equal. Magic gets a roll up for 2. He hits the Meteora. Terry and Che do the usual. Che wins a test of strength. Estrada avoids a roll up and then rolls Veneno up to win the first fall. So far, this actually isn’t terrible. Tomahawk chops Che over the barricade. Terry and Estrada hit Veneno with a back bodydrop. Estrada works the arm. Tomahawk chops the arm. He dropkicks Magic. He hits a delayed vertical suplex for 2. Terry hits a spinebuster for 2. He hits a neckbreaker. Magic hits Estrada with a backbreaker. Tomahawk bodyslams Magic. Veneno dropkicks Tomahawk and Estrada. Che hits a Bronco Buster on all three opponents. Magic dropkicks Estrada and Terry. Che hits a suicide dive. Magic hits a quebrada. Veneno hits Tomahawk with a legdrop to win the second fall. Terry beats on Magic. Magic hits armdrags. He hits a mule kick. He hits a backbreaker. Tomahawk and Che trade chops. Che becomes my most hated wrestler by no-selling the chops completely. He cleans house with his fat ass. He hits a flying headbutt on Terry. Veneno dropkicks Estrada. He dropkicks Terry. Magic rolls Terry up for 2. Terry returns the favor. Magic hits a springboard splash for 2. He hits a DVD but misses the 450 Splash. Terry rolls him up for 2. Tomahawk dropkicks Che. Veneno dropkicks Tomahawk. He avoids Estrada’s splash and hits a diving senton for the win at 22:00. This was decidedly not the worst IWRG match I’ve seen. Nothing was ridiculously sloppy, the match flow wasn’t awkward, and the fall finishes were a little creative for once. The only downside was that Tomahawk looked like a stereotype and a chump.
Rating: **¾