safe_imageMarch 21, 2013 – Naucalpan, Mexico

Eita, Tomahawk & Imposible vs. Chico Che, Freelance & Saruman [2/3 Falls Match]
Imposible and Saruman start. Armdrags, snapmares and funky pin falls are in abundance. The pin falls get so funky that the referee won’t count for most of them. Eita can’t handle Freelance’s armdragery. He attacks Freelance’s leg. Freelance returns the favor. Tomahawk suplexes the very fat Che. Che hits a clothesline in the corner. He hits a Bronco Buster. The tecnicos tap out the rudos to win the first fall. The rudos start the second fall in control. Tomahawk chops Che around the near-empty building. He and eita hit a double dropkick. Imposible hits a dropkick. Tomahawk chops Che around the ring. He hits the DH. Imposible hits Saruman with a crazy legdrop to win the second fall. Eita hits Freelance with a chest kick and facebuster to also win the second fall. Have I mentioned that I hate lucha? The tecnicos take to the air. The brawl on the floor goes on a long time, but Freelance sneaks back into the ring and wins the match for the tecnicos at 17:53. This wasn’t terrible, but I felt like a kid with ADD who wanted to be doing anything else while watching. That is to say, it just didn’t draw me in.
Rating: **½